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  • Natura Sponsored Athlete: Timothy Allen Olson

    "Natura's products have extremely benefited my running and enjoyment of life." - Timothy Allen Olson

    Timothy Allen Olson, champion Ultra Trail Marathon athlete, is a dynamic and exciting contender in the running world. As an upcoming star in this competitive endurance sport, his passion for running and spirit thrive in the mountains of Southern Oregon. Natura is proud to sponsor Timothy as he continues to compete and excel in Ultra Trail Marathons.


    His recent emergence has generated a buzz of excitement in the Ultra Trail Endurance Marathon running circuit. Despite his tremendous success, Timothy believes in giving back to the community. He is a Race Director for trail races and supports the local race community in his hometown of Ashland, Oregon. Most importantly, Timothy is happily married, and he and his wife, Krista, are proud parents of their newborn son, Tristan.

    Race Accomplishments:

    In June 2012, Timothy won the prestigious Western States 100 Mile Endurance Race in California with a record-breaking time of 14 hours 46 minutes. In the previous 39 years of the event, no competitor has ever crossed the finish line in under 15 hours. The Western States 100 is the most celebrated Ultra Marathon in the world.

    In January 2012, Timothy won the 2012 USA National 100K (62 mile) Championship in Texas. This is the premier 100K Ultra Trail Marathon in the United States. In addition, Timothy has won and placed in numerous other Ultra Trail Marathons in the past few years throughout the United States including:

    1st Place Pine to Palm 100 mile run – 2010, 2011
    1st Place Waldo 100k – 2010, 2012
    1st Place Silver State 50 mile run – 2011
    2st Place Bandera 50k run - 2013
    2nd Place Leona Divide 50 mile run – 2012
    2nd Place Lake Sonoma 50 mile run - 2012
    2nd Place White River 50 mile run – 2011
    3rd Place Run Rabbit Run Hare 100 mile run – 2012
    6th Place Western States 100 mile run - 2011

    Timothy on using Natura products:

    Timothy has been using Natura products for the last year and has experienced great results in his training, recovery and overall strength. "Once I started using Natura products, I could tell my body adapted extremely well to the stress of 100+ mile training weeks. I continue to feel stronger as I prepare to compete in many more 50 and 100 mile races this year,” said Timothy.

    Timothy’s daily Natura regimen:
    Power Adapt
    Beyond Essential Fats

    "These three supplements help me build strength as I train for endurance events and recover from hard workouts .”

    Timothy’s Training Supplements:
    Botanabol- "During hard training blocks I like to use Botanabol to build strength and restore muscle breakdown.”
    InflamAway– “I use Inflamaway to decrease inflammation after strenuous workouts and races.”

    Visit Timothy’s blog for race reports and his experiences using Natura’s products. You can also find him on Twitter.

  • Natura featured on popular site,

    SEASONAL_SUPPORT_md"I’ve been kind of obsessed with Natura Health for years...I can’t give this stuff enough love." - Julia Gazdag of

    We are pleased to announce that Natura was once again featured on the popular site, as an "Item of the Day." is an online community founded by actress and musician, Zooey Deschanel.

    The first review praised Throat & Gland, and this time around, Julia commends the entire Seasonal Support product line.

    Read the review here!

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