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  • Did You Know... Cho-Less™

    Did you know that Natura’s Cho-Less™ is more than just red yeast rice?

    Cho-less™ is a multi-ingredient formulation which features specially selected ingredients that work together to promote healthy lipid metabolism and cardiovascular function.  Along with red yeast rice, Cho-Less™ contains artichoke leaf, pantethine, guggul, niacin, beta-sitosterol and policosanol. These 6 additional ingredients are crucial components of the formula and are largely responsible for its wide range of cardiovascular benefits.  Let’s take a closer look at one of these featured ingredients, a premium quality extract of the botanical guggul (Commiphora mukul).

    Resin from the Mukul Myrrh Tree Resin from the Mukul Myrrh Tree


    Guggul extract, also known as Bdellium, is derived from the mukul myrrh tree, a small thorny plant that grows from northern Africa to central Asia, though it is most common to northern India. The tree exudes a sticky yellow aromatic resin from its stems. This resin has been utilized in India’s traditional medical system of Ayurveda for thousands of years to treat a variety of conditions. Classic Ayurvedic texts detail the resin’s usefulness for treating obesity and “blood fat disorders”, including “coating and obstruction of channels”. Guggul’s name in Sanskrit means “one that protects against diseases”, a display of the great reverence held for this herb.

    How It Works

    Most of the research on guggul has taken place in India, where it is one of the most common treatments for lipid disorders.  It was found that guggul contains a group of compounds known as guggulsterones. These compounds have displayed the ability to help support healthy lipid metabolism and are believed to work by two distinctive mechanisms. They encourage bile production, which is required for the proper digestion and absorption of fats and fat-soluble vitamins in the lower intestines. They also promote healthy thyroid function, which supports the liver’s ability to process, metabolize and excrete cholesterol.


    When purchasing guggul products, it is vital that the extract be assessed for proper potency. The active constituents responsible for the cardiovascular health benefits of the plant are the aforementioned guggulsterones, with guggulsterone E and guggulsterone Z being considered the most active of the group. Cho-less™ features Gugulipid®, a patented extract of guggul standardized to contain a minimum of 7.5% guggulsterones E and Z to ensure efficacy.

  • Did You Know... Flew Away™ and Lung & Bronchial Tonic™

    Flew Away™

    Did you know that Natura’s Flew Away™ formula can be used in conjunction with heat treatment to increase its effectiveness?

    One important way that the body defends itself against harmful bacteria, viruses and other pathogens is by sweating. The process of sweating promotes the deactivation and removal of damaging microorganisms and is often a natural way for the body to quickly overcome a fever.


    Diaphoretic herbs are ones which induce perspiration. Traditionally they were used by herbalists in the treatment of colds and flu to aid in ridding the body of infection and regulating fever. They work by influencing peripheral sensory nerves, which then relax and dilate superficial capillaries and blood vessels, increasing blood flow. The increased blood flow activates the sweat glands, which results in perspiration.

    Flew Away™ contains concentrated herbal extracts of yarrow, boneset, peppermint, elder flower, eucalyptus and ginger. These diaphoretic herbs promote sweating, thereby facilitating the safe removal of harmful organisms from the body.

    Heat Treatment Therapy

    Hot water acts as a diaphoretic when used both externally, in the case of hot baths and saunas, and internally when consumed in hot teas and soups. These types of heat treatments can work synergistically with the diaphoretic herbs found in Flew Away™, amplifying their effects. To increase the formula’s effectiveness, take a hot bath or sauna within 30 minutes of a dose of Flew Away™. Hot teas and soups can be consumed anytime throughout the day as additional therapeutic support.

    The Earlier the Better

    Utilizing holistic methods of immune support at the first sign of seasonal illness is the best way to achieve results. By acting quickly at the onset of such symptoms as throat irritation, fatigue, dull headache and swollen glands, the body’s defenses can be strengthened to help avoid an acute situation.

    We highly recommend the use of Natura’s Throat & Gland™ spray in conjunction with Flew Away™ for comprehensive support. Throat & Gland™ features potent broad spectrum anti-microbial protection and is uniquely suited to encourage the healthy flow and proper drainage of lymph fluids through the body while enhancing optimal immune system function.

    Lung & Bronchial Tonic™

    Did you know that Natura’s Lung & Bronchial Tonic™ can be added directly to hot water to make a soothing therapeutic tea?  While it is generally dosed straight by the teaspoon like most traditional herbal syrups, it can alternatively be utilized in this fashion to infuse hot water (or other hot teas) with its therapeutic benefits.  Simply add 1-2 teaspoons of Lung & Bronchial Tonic™ to a cup of hot water and stir until dissolved.

    Acute and Seasonal Ailments

    Sundew Flower Sundew Flower

    Lung & Bronchial Tonic™ is Natura’s primary formula for the relief of cough and congestion.  It works to relieve phlegm, soothe irritated throat and lung tissues, and relax and dilate bronchial passages, while providing an antimicrobial effect.
    * For acute symptom support: 2 teaspoons, 2-5 times daily.

    A True Tonic

    Lung & Bronchial Tonic™ features botanical extracts which nourish and strengthen lung and immune function, and is especially useful for conditions associated with general lung weakness.  It is intended to be taken at a lower dose for long periods of time when addressing chronic lung disturbances.
    * For chronic symptom support: 2 teaspoons, 1-2 times daily. 

    For comprehensive seasonal support, use in conjunction with Natura’s Throat and Gland and Flew Away formulas.

  • Did You Know... Anabolic Support for Graceful Aging

    Did you know that maintaining a healthy level of anabolic activity is critical to ensuring quality of life and longevity? Metabolism can be simply defined as the set of biochemical processes that occur in an organism to sustain life.  It can then be divided into two categories, processes that break down (catabolic) and processes that build up (anabolic).

    Anabolic Versus Catabolic
    Anabolic processes create complex materials from simpler substances. This activity would include synthesizing the basic components of cells like proteins and lipids, as well as creating the storage form of nutrients to be utilized as needed for energy. The steroidal hormones that stimulate protein synthesis and muscle growth are traditionally classified by endocrinologists as anabolic hormones due to the nature of their effects on the body.

    Catabolic processes move in the opposite direction, breaking down large molecules into smaller ones, and tend to release energy in the form of energy- rich compounds like adenosine triphosphate (ATP). They not only supply the energy to power anabolic activity, they also provide the small molecules (building blocks) required to create more complex molecules, and the electrons which act like “glue” by holding atoms together through chemical bonds.

    A Healthy Balance
    In a cell where the anabolic processes dominate over the catabolic ones, growth will result. In a fully developed (non-growing) cell, a healthy balance will exist between the two states. This same concept applies to the entire organism. Take a human for example. As a child, youth naturally provides an anabolic dominant metabolism to support the growth requirements necessary for healthy development. This is the reason why children often bounce back quicker from illness and injury. Once fully mature, a balance between catabolic and anabolic activity is found to sustain the body. Maintaining this balance is crucial to ensuring quality of life and longevity, as it impacts every aspect of health.

    Aging –  The Shift Toward Catabolic Dominance
    As we age, the balance slowly shifts towards a more catabolic dominant metabolism, initiating the many physical and energetic changes we associate with later stages of life. The body becomes less efficient, losing the ability to keep pace with the rate of break down that is occurring. This shift results in decreased energy levels, physical deterioration, increased susceptibility to illness and injury, and longer recovery times. While this is a natural process that everyone experiences, the choices we make over the course of our lives can greatly improve our body’s ability to age gracefully. A healthy lifestyle that includes proper diet, regular exercise, and good rest is essential.

    Supporting Anabolic Restoration
    In conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, nutrients and botanicals that specifically promote anabolic activity can be highly effective tools for strengthening the body’s ability to regenerate and repair itself. Amino acid mineral chelates (creatine magnesium chelate), ecdysterone rich herbal extracts (Rhaponticum & Suma), and “super-food” concentrates (whey protein) have all been shown to support anabolic metabolism. Natura offers a variety of formulas that provide synergistic combinations of ingredients to encourage anabolic restoration and help maintain health and vitality for years to come. These include Botanabol,Power Adapt,Amino-Max,Night Gain &  Beyond Whey.

    For more information on ingredients and formula rationale for these products, please refer to our product sheets.

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