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Natura’s products are formulations, not single ingredient products. By providing the therapeutic and tonic actions of herbal extracts coupled with essential cellular nutrients, Natura’s state-of-the-art formulas support the body’s foundational biochemical processes—thus encouraging optimal health, vitality, and resilience.

  • Artemis Plus NEW SMALL

    Artemis Plus®

    Promotes healthy cellular response*

  • Beyond Whey®

    Beyond Whey®

    Optimizes recovery time; promotes immune and digestive health*

  • CV-Res-Q


    Mitochondrial redox support*

  • Flew Away

    Flew Away®

    Immune system support and seasonal defense*

  • IG Sensitizer

    IG Sensitizer®

    Supports healthy blood sugar metabolism*

  • Immucare I®

    Immucare I®

    Builds and supports healthy immune system defenses*

  • Immucare II®  small

    Immucare II®

    Supports and maintains healthy immune system response*

  • InflamAway


    Modulates inflammatory response function*

  • Meno-Breeze


    Supports hormonal balances and nourishes "essence"*

  • Night Gain®

    Night Gain®

    Promotes hormonal balance and youthful vigor; enhances libido*

  • Power Adapt

    Power Adapt®

    Builds core energy and stress protection*

  • S-Clear™


    Supports healthy sinus and nasal function*

  • Serenoa Supreme™

    Serenoa Supreme™

    Promotes healthy prostate function*

  • Thermo-Fit


    Enhances metabolic thermogenesis and optimizes body composition*

  • Throat & Gland™

    Throat & Gland™

    Supports lymphatic system and immune response*

  • Tranquility


    Calms the nervous system and promotes relaxation*

  • Up-Lift


    Elevates mood and promotes a healthy state of mind*

  • Vibrant Mind

    Vibrant Mind®

    Supports cognitive function and enhances focus and memory*

  • Zinc


    25 mg Food-Grown Zinc

  • Adaptogens in Medical Herbalism

    Adaptogens in Medical Herbalism

    Donald Yance's newest book and an integrative model for a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

  • Natura Blender Bottle®

    Natura Blender Bottle®

    Mix your favorite morning smoothies, shakes or other beverages in Natura's branded Blender Bottle®.