"Hope Never Dies", Featuring Founder/Formulator Donnie Yance

New Book Offers Hope to Patients and Practitioners at the Forefront of Delivering Whole Patient Care

“Riveting and richly engrossing stories of courage … never say die.”Book Cover
~ Dr. Oz, M.D. Host of Dr. Oz Show and Professor of Surgery, NYP Columbia Medical Center

Practitioners and patients alike will find hope in Rick Shapiro’s new book, Hope Never Dies, featuring twenty courageous patient testimonials and interviews with five pioneers of personalized, integrative, groundbreaking therapies.

We are proud to share that Natura’s Founder Donnie Yance has been chosen as one of the practitioners featured in this book for his contributions to advanced support of chronic conditions with botanical and nutritional medicine. As Rick Shapiro so generously writes, Donnie is one of “the progressive icons at the vanguard of cutting-edge care.”

As practitioners in the Natura Community, you are also on the front lines every day; delivering progressive whole patient care and shaping the future of medicine. To demonstrate Natura’s commitment to you and your work, we want to share with you some relevant selected excerpts from Donnie’s interview that highlight Natura’s integrity and vision in designing its supplement line.

Featured Excerpts by Donnie Yance:

“I decided I wanted to bring the best botanical products possible to the marketplace.  We source our products from the best places around the World. We are constantly refining our products as we enhance and create new formulations. There are many raw material suppliers who manufacture inferior products. ... Our manufacturers independently test and analyze every raw material sent to us to verify its purity and potency.” (from Hope Never Dies, page 262)

“A common problem when buying herbs and nutritional agents (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, etc.) is differentiating between high-quality, mediocre quality, and poor quality products. ... All of the following key factors must be considered to consistently produce high quality and effective herbal preparations:

  • Genetic factors (correct and specific species)
  • Environmental factors
  • Climate
  • Soil characteristics (pH, fertilization, heavy metals)
  • Infections (insects, pests, microbes); exposure activates the plants immune system, triggering the production of various compounds (i.e stilbene compounds like resveratrol)
  • Harvest time
  • Parts of the plant used
  • Duration of time from when the herb is harvested to extraction (fresh or dried)
  • Processing (pulverization, extraction, solvent polarity, temperature, duration, distillation, fermentation, purification)
  • Storage (light, oxygen, humidity, temperature)"

(from Hope Never Dies, Rick Shapriro, page 261)

If you’d like to schedule an in-depth conversation about Natura and its formulations, our Medical Educator is available for scheduled consultations. Email: productsupport@naturahealthproducts.com or call 541.488.0210. For more information on Hope Never Dies, click here.