Immucare II®

Immune/Seasonal Support; Adrenal/Stress Support; Detoxification/Liver Support

  • features Coriolus, Reishi, Poria, and Chaga mushroom extracts*
  • potentiates a healthy immune response*
  • promotes healthy detoxification activity*
  • encourages healthy inflammatory response*

Immucare II® has been reformulated and renamed Mushroom Synergy™ with new premium quality Nammex® organic medicinal mushrooms and enhanced herbal extracts. Now available.

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Immucare II® base

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Immucare II® supports key systems in the body responsible for maintaining a healthy immune system, including the liver, digestive tract, endocrine glands and spleen. Cool and calming in nature, with heat-clearing properties, the ingredients in this formula support cell-mediated response, modulating cytokine production, as well as assisting in the formation of antibodies. In addition, Immucare II® contains several mushroom extracts in combination with specific botanicals that support optimal liver function by improving cellular detoxification and regulating Phase I & II liver detoxification pathways.*