Daily Basic Smoothie

Nutritional smoothies fortified with Natura formulas are a wonderful way to start your day. These smoothies provide herbs, vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and food concentrates that support vital wellness and optimal health. They taste great, are easily digested, and benefit everyone.

Nutritional Smoothies Provide:

•  improved energy and vitality
•  optimal nutrition
•  healthy detoxification
•  antioxidant activity
8 oz. liquid*
4 oz. plain or vanilla whole milk yogurt
1 cup of berries - fresh or frozen
1 scoop Nutri-One™
1 scoop Beyond Whey®

Mix all of the ingredients except the Beyond Whey® in a blender, adding liquid until you achieve the desired consistency. Add the Beyond Whey® and pulse briefly to avoid damaging the delicate proteins.

*Cow or goat milk, coconut water or milk, almond or soy milk, kefir, non-acidic fruit juices (apricot, peach, berry, mango), or water in any combination for taste and consistency.