Dual-Mag Complex®

Organ/System Support; Immune/Seasonal Support; Cardiovascular Support; Cellular Health/Antioxidant; Vitamins/Minerals/Amino Acids/Proteins; Weight Management/Blood Sugar Support; Lifestyle ; Cell Life Regulation; Mood Support; Neurological Support; Inflammation; Foundational Wellness; Longevity; Sleep Support; Athletic Performance; Musculoskeletal Support

  • promotes cardiovascular, neurological, and immune health*
  • encourages healthy inflammatory response*
  • supports metabolic health*
  • promotes a healthy musculoskeletal system*
  • supports cellular energy production*
  • enhances relaxation, restful sleep, and positive mood*
Description Price Quantity
Dual -Mag Complex® 90 capsules

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Dual-Mag Complex™

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Dual-Mag Complex® offers two unique forms of magnesium, buffered bisglycinate and lysinate glycinate chelates, that are broadspectrum in activity, well-tolerated, and highly bioavailable. This provides an efficacious, synergistic blend with numerous benefits. The magnesium lysinate glycinate chelate is featured due to its enhanced ability to optimize recovery time from exercise or stress and its targeted support for the cardiovascular, nervous, and immune systems.*