Immune/Seasonal Support

These specialized formulas provide daily, seasonal, and acute support for the body's defenses. They deliver therapeutic support during the symptomatic phase, while addressing the underlying contributing factors that affect immune function.*

Immune/Seasonal Support

  • Complete Omega Essentials®

    Complete Omega Essentials®

    Provides Omega-3 fatty acids to promote health Immune system function*

  • Flew Away

    Flew Away®

    Maintains a healthy microbial environment, encourages healthy immune response*

  • ImmuCare®


    Promotes healthy immune response, nourishes bone marrow and builds blood*

  • Lung & Bronchial Tonic

    Lung & Bronchial Tonic™

    Supports healthy lung and bronchial function*

  • Quercetin Plus

    Quercetin Plus

    Modulates healthy immune response, controls histamine response*

  • S-Clear™


    Supports nasal and sinus health, relieves discomfort*

  • Throat & Gland™

    Throat & Gland™

    Promotes lymphatic drainage, encourages healthy microbial balance*

  • Vitamin D-A-K

    Vitamin D-A-K

    Modulates healthy immune response*

  • Zinc


    Promotes healthy immune response*