Cardiovascular Support; Weight Management/Blood Sugar Support; Women's Health; Adrenal/Stress Support; Men's Health; Longevity; Athletic Performance; Musculoskeletal Support

  • encourages muscle density, strength, and endurance*
  • optimizes recovery time from exercise or stress*
  • promotes bone health*
  • supports muscle tissue maintenance in aging populations*
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Botanabol 100 capsules

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Botanabol® is Natura’s strongest anabolic support formula. The word “anabolic” refers to processes in the body that build complex materials from simpler substances. This activity includes protein synthesis and the creation of storage forms of nutrients to be utilized for energy. Botanabol® features a concentrated herbal extract of Russian Leuzea standardized to 5% ecdysteroids. When combined with a proper diet and essential amino acids, these compounds optimize energy levels, encourage lean muscle growth, reduce muscle fatigue and support healthy levels of anabolic hormones.*