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  • Did You Know... Immucare I

    by Shawn Freedman, Product Development Manager

    Did you Know that Immucare I is Natura’s primary blood building and bone marrow support formula?

    astragalus root


    As the name suggests, Immucare I was designed to support and enhance proper immune function. Yet many people over look one of its primary distinguishing features, its ability to nourish bone marrow and build and invigorate the blood.

    Bone marrow is a soft, gelatinous tissue located within the cavities of bones. Blood formation primarily occurs within the bone marrow of the legs, arms, ribs, sternum, and vertebrae. Healthy bone marrow is essential for the generation of both red and white blood cells and both the quantity and quality of the blood is quite dependent on its health. Immucare I features synergistic combinations of botanicals well known for their ability to nourish and build bone marrow and blood, while alleviating blood stasis.

    Immucare I is based on several classical combinations of botanicals that have been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with great success. One such combination is that of Astragalus membraneceus and Angelica sinensis. These two herbs combined in a specific ratio (similar to that found in Immucare I) comprise a formula in TCM referred to as “Dang Gui Bu Xue Tang”, which translates to “Dang Gui formula to build the blood.” This formula is traditionally utilized to build the blood, especially after serious trauma or illness.

    The foundational concept for the creation of Immucare I is derived from a TCM principle referred to as “Fu Zheng” therapy. Fu Zheng therapy supports the “root” of the person and literally means to “normalize the center.”

    As a comprehensive immune support formula, Immucare Iis designed to enhance vitality, essence, immune function, digestive function, as well as assist in building healthy blood and bone marrow. It strengthens the Spleen, Kidney and Lung systems of the body and is especially well indicated after such treatments as chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy.

    For optimal results use in conjunction with Immucare II and one of Natura’s Adaptogenic Tonics (Vital Adapt or Power Adapt).

    Click for more information on Immucare I, Immucare II,  Vital Adapt or Power Adapt

  • Did You Know... IG Sensitizer

    by Shawn Freedman, Product Development Manager

    Did you know that traditionally Ayurvedic practitioners would give their diabetic patients water that had sat overnight in a cup made from the heartwood of pterocarpus marsupium as a remedy?

    Pterocarpus marsupium has a rich history of use in Ayurvedic medicine. The heartwood, leaves and flowers have been utilized in the treatment of a variety of illnesses over the centuries. The heart wood in particular is renowned for its blood sugar lowering effects.

    The heartwood and bark of Pterocarpus contains an array of polyphenolic compounds attributed to its therapeutic properties including one of particular interest, pterostilbene. Like resveratrol, pterostilbene is a natural compound produced by a few species of plants that acts as a defense mechanism (phytoalexin) against attack from pathogens such as bacteria and fungus.

    Pterostilbene is sometimes referred to as methylated resveratrol, and as the name might suggest, it does share many pharmacological similarities with its better known chemical cousin. They both posses the ability to inhibit inflammation, are anti-oxidative, and romote longevity, to name a few common benefits.

    Pterostilbene also possesses some distinct advantages over resveratrol, particularly in the area of blood sugar support. Modern research has confirmed its anti-diabetic effect in both animal and human studies. Researchers theorize that Pterocarpus extract reduces the absorption of glucose in the gastrointestinal tract, which leads to improved insulin levels in the blood. Pterostilbene is also the only compound, synthetic or natural, known to regenerate pancreatic beta islet cells.

    Synthetic versus Naturally Derived
    Natura’s IG Sensitizer and CV-Res-Q both feature Silbinol®, a patented extract of Pterocarpus marsupium bark and heartwood. The majority of the research to date on Pterocarpus has been conducted with botanical derived extracts, not the synthetic “nature identical” form that is commonly found in dietary supplements. Thus we have chosen to utilize this state of the art botanical extract to ensure direct correlation with the clinical research as well as its extensive traditional usage.

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    Visit these product pages:   IG Sensitizer      CV-Res-Q

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