Formulation Philosophy

Donnie in the ClinicThe formulations we offer at Natura are unique combinations of herbs and nutrients, carefully chosen for their synergistic effects and health supportive benefits. 

Why Combine Herbs & Nutrients?

Combining herbs and nutrients for medicinal use is a time-honored art and science that has been practiced for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and many other healing traditions. There’s good reason to use herbs and nutrients together: Herbs guide specific biochemical processes in the body, thus encouraging optimal functioning of all body systems. But the body also requires raw materials in the form of nutrients to support these biochemical processes. 

According to Donnie Yance, skillful combinations of herbs and nutrients offer benefits that go far beyond the sum of their individual parts.

The Rationale Behind Natura’s Formulas

Donnie’s formula rationale is the culmination of decades of study and research and is comprised of three key factors:

       1. Knowledge of contemporary clinical nutrition and traditional medical systems (including traditional Chinese medicine
           and the American Eclectic herbal tradition).

       2. Intensive study of the latest research at the molecular, cellular, and genomic levels.

       3. More than two decades of clinical application; thus tempering theoretical knowledge with real life application and

By weaving together traditional knowledge, modern research, and clinical application, Donnie has created a comprehensive and unique approach to formulating products for Natura.

The Benefits of Herb/Nutrient Formulas

In Donnie’s clinical practice, he has observed that relying on a single herb or nutrient may lead to an improvement in symptoms, but the overall results often fall short of what can be achieved when one or more combination formulas are used. At the simplest level, using a variety of complimentary herbs and nutrients nourishes the body in much the same way as a eating a balanced diet creates better health.

In Natura’s formulas every ingredient is carefully chosen to build on and complement the strength and unique characteristics of each herb and nutrient. At the same time, the formulation in its entirety and the synergy that exists between the individual components is evaluated in order to create the most effective product possible.