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  • Did You Know... Cho-Less™

    Did you know that Natura’s Cho-Less™ is more than just red yeast rice?

    Cho-less™ is a multi-ingredient formulation which features specially selected ingredients that work together to promote healthy lipid metabolism and cardiovascular function.  Along with red yeast rice, Cho-Less™ contains artichoke leaf, pantethine, guggul, niacin, beta-sitosterol and policosanol. These 6 additional ingredients are crucial components of the formula and are largely responsible for its wide range of cardiovascular benefits.  Let’s take a closer look at one of these featured ingredients, a premium quality extract of the botanical guggul (Commiphora mukul).

    Resin from the Mukul Myrrh Tree Resin from the Mukul Myrrh Tree


    Guggul extract, also known as Bdellium, is derived from the mukul myrrh tree, a small thorny plant that grows from northern Africa to central Asia, though it is most common to northern India. The tree exudes a sticky yellow aromatic resin from its stems. This resin has been utilized in India’s traditional medical system of Ayurveda for thousands of years to treat a variety of conditions. Classic Ayurvedic texts detail the resin’s usefulness for treating obesity and “blood fat disorders”, including “coating and obstruction of channels”. Guggul’s name in Sanskrit means “one that protects against diseases”, a display of the great reverence held for this herb.

    How It Works

    Most of the research on guggul has taken place in India, where it is one of the most common treatments for lipid disorders.  It was found that guggul contains a group of compounds known as guggulsterones. These compounds have displayed the ability to help support healthy lipid metabolism and are believed to work by two distinctive mechanisms. They encourage bile production, which is required for the proper digestion and absorption of fats and fat-soluble vitamins in the lower intestines. They also promote healthy thyroid function, which supports the liver’s ability to process, metabolize and excrete cholesterol.


    When purchasing guggul products, it is vital that the extract be assessed for proper potency. The active constituents responsible for the cardiovascular health benefits of the plant are the aforementioned guggulsterones, with guggulsterone E and guggulsterone Z being considered the most active of the group. Cho-less™ features Gugulipid®, a patented extract of guggul standardized to contain a minimum of 7.5% guggulsterones E and Z to ensure efficacy.

  • Do You Know What's in Your Supplements?

    (Originally posted January 8, 2013 at

    Vitamin and mineral supplements can be found almost everywhere these days—grocery and convenience stores, big box discount stores, and drugstores commonly carry a plethora of supplements, and online retailers offer thousands of choices of every supplement imaginable. The supplement industry is enormous—it’s estimated that one of every three American adults uses nutritional supplements on a regular basis.

    On the one hand, I’m pleased to see the exponential growth of the supplement industry—it’s an indicator that people are increasingly interested in natural approaches to health. On the other hand, I’m concerned about the quality of the supplements that are flooding the market. I’ve spent decades working with supplements—my education is in clinical nutrition and medical herbalism, and in the early 80’s I owned a health food store, where I gained a great deal of knowledge about the supplement industry. For the past 25 years, I’ve practiced as a clinician, creating healing protocols for people with serious illnesses. I believe in the use of supplements—they provide concentrated nutrition and dosages of healing nutrients that are unobtainable by diet alone. Nutritional supplements are an essential part of my practice, and I personally take a variety of supplements.

    However—and this is a big however—nutritional supplements are only as good as the raw ingredients from which they are made. Unfortunately, the majority of nutritional supplements are made in a laboratory from synthetic ingredients. These man-made chemicals are called isolated chemical nutrients, or USP (United States Pharmacopeia) vitamins and minerals. Many of these nutrients are made using toxic substances, such as petroleum esters, formaldehyde, and acetylene. An additional problem is that the body does not recognize USP isolates in the same way as nutrients from real food.

    USP isolates are analogous to refined foods; for example, while organic unrefined brown rice is a nutritious dietary choice, refined white rice has been stripped of nutrients and does not support health. Another example is the misguided notion of using only egg whites to make omelets or scrambled eggs; while whole organic eggs from free-range chickens are an excellent source of phospholipids, carotenoids, B-vitamins, iron, and sulfur, egg whites merely contain protein. For the most part, foods that have been refined are not the best choices for long-term health, and the same is true for dietary supplements.

    For this reason, in creating Natura’s formulas I have chosen as much as possible to use Re-Natured® vitamins and minerals (from Grow Company, Inc.), which offers nutrients in a form similar to those found in food. Grow-Nutrients® utilizes a single-celled yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) that is grown in enriched molasses under carefully controlled conditions. The culture is then fed specific concentrations of vitamins and minerals. S. Cerevisiae takes up the micronutrients during growth and metabolization, and thus the vitamins and minerals become bioavailable through the yeast. Another Grow nutrient source is their Biogrow® vitamin and mineral technology, in which natural products derived from a pure culture of Lactobacillus bulgaricus are grown in enriched media under carefully controlled conditions. These forms of nutrients are similar to how they would be found in plants grown in nutrient dense soils. Not only are these nutrients natural and non-toxic, they are also much more bioavailable, because the body readily recognizes them as nutrients.

    The Natura formulas that contain Re-Natured® nutrients are Cell GuardianUp-LiftIG Sensitizer.

    Re-Natured® vitamins and minerals are an excellent source of complex carbohydrates (beta-1, 3-glucans and mannan), dietary fiber, SOD (superoxide dismutase), and glutathione (an antioxidant found in yeast that plays a major role in cellular defense mechanisms). These products are not derived from dairy (such as whey yeast), nor do they contain added sugars, colorants, or preservatives.

    Studies have proven that Re-Natured® nutrients are better absorbed, retained and utilized than any USP or chelated nutrient. There have been over 50 studies performed on Re-Natured® nutrients, many of which have been peer reviewed and published in reputable journals. Following is a summary of the findings:

    USP nutrients vs. Re-Natured® nutrients
    Vitamin A 1.54 times more absorbed into blood
    Vitamin B-1, Thiamin 1.38 times more absorbed into blood
    Vitamin B-2, Riboflavin 1.92 times more retained in the liver
    Vitamin B-3, Niacinamide 3.94 times more absorbed into blood
    Vitamin B-6 2.54 times more absorbed into blood
    Vitamin B-9, Folate 2.13 times more retained in the liver
    Vitamin B-12 2.56 times more absorbed into blood
    Vitamin C 1.74 times more absorbed into red blood cells
    Up to 15.6 times the antioxidant effect
    Vitamin E 2.60 times more absorbed into blood
    Up to 7.02 times more retained by the body
    Calcium 8.79 times more absorbed into blood
    Chromium 3.56 times more effective reducing fasting
    glucose Up to 25 times more bioavailable
    Copper 1.85 times more retained in the liver
    Iron 1.77 times more absorbed into blood
    Magnesium 2.20 times more absorbed into the blood
    Manganese 1.63 times more retained in the liver
    Molybdenum 16.49 times more absorbed into blood
    Selenium 17.60 times greater antioxidant effect
    Zinc 6.46 times more absorbed into blood
    Vitamin ‘H’ Biotin Over 100 times the biotin activity

    Of course, I’m always interested in clinical studies, which provide further information as to the efficacy of nutrients in actual patient trials. In a study on the clinical effects of Re-Natured® nutrients and colon polyps, Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland conducted a one month trial using Re-Natured® nutrients vitamin C and beta-carotene (Cahill, et al., 1992). The study was conducted on participants with abnormal cells in their colon polyps, and thus at high risk of colon cancer.

    The control group with a higher initial level of abnormal cells in their colon polyps who took no supplements saw no change, but for those taking Re-Natured® supplements, the effects were dramatic. (Participants took 9mg of Re-Natured® Beta-Carotene daily in one group, and another group took 750 mg daily of Re-Natured® Vitamin C.)

    While the control group taking no supplements showed no signs of improvement, the Re-Natured® Beta-Carotene group experienced a significant drop in abnormal cells in colon polyps, and the group that took Re-Natured®Vitamin C actually experienced a drop of abnormal cells in their colon polyps that was even lower than in the normal groups. The results were so astonishing that the study was continued for a full year.

    Finally, it’s important to me that Re-Natured® nutrients have been proven to be much safer than USP isolates. For example, a study on selenium (Vinson, 1981) found that selenium as sodium selenite (the USP form) has a 2.94 higher lethal dose than Re-Natured® selenium.  This is because sodium selenite, as with all other isolated nutrients, is not found in nature’s food complexes.They are simply isolated chemicals. If you analyze yeast, which has a natural affinity towards selenium, you will never find the isolated nutrient sodium selenite. When yeast is fed the important isolated nutrient during its growth stage, the yeast metabolizes the isolated nutrient, and is now organically bound in its natural food complex, without the remainders of toxic isolated chemical components. Grown By Nature’s Re-Natured® Selenium & Amino Acid Complex is not toxic because it is found in a food complex, not as an isolated chemical.

  • Did You Know... Flew Away™ and Lung & Bronchial Tonic™

    Flew Away™

    Did you know that Natura’s Flew Away™ formula can be used in conjunction with heat treatment to increase its effectiveness?

    One important way that the body defends itself against harmful bacteria, viruses and other pathogens is by sweating. The process of sweating promotes the deactivation and removal of damaging microorganisms and is often a natural way for the body to quickly overcome a fever.


    Diaphoretic herbs are ones which induce perspiration. Traditionally they were used by herbalists in the treatment of colds and flu to aid in ridding the body of infection and regulating fever. They work by influencing peripheral sensory nerves, which then relax and dilate superficial capillaries and blood vessels, increasing blood flow. The increased blood flow activates the sweat glands, which results in perspiration.

    Flew Away™ contains concentrated herbal extracts of yarrow, boneset, peppermint, elder flower, eucalyptus and ginger. These diaphoretic herbs promote sweating, thereby facilitating the safe removal of harmful organisms from the body.

    Heat Treatment Therapy

    Hot water acts as a diaphoretic when used both externally, in the case of hot baths and saunas, and internally when consumed in hot teas and soups. These types of heat treatments can work synergistically with the diaphoretic herbs found in Flew Away™, amplifying their effects. To increase the formula’s effectiveness, take a hot bath or sauna within 30 minutes of a dose of Flew Away™. Hot teas and soups can be consumed anytime throughout the day as additional therapeutic support.

    The Earlier the Better

    Utilizing holistic methods of immune support at the first sign of seasonal illness is the best way to achieve results. By acting quickly at the onset of such symptoms as throat irritation, fatigue, dull headache and swollen glands, the body’s defenses can be strengthened to help avoid an acute situation.

    We highly recommend the use of Natura’s Throat & Gland™ spray in conjunction with Flew Away™ for comprehensive support. Throat & Gland™ features potent broad spectrum anti-microbial protection and is uniquely suited to encourage the healthy flow and proper drainage of lymph fluids through the body while enhancing optimal immune system function.

    Lung & Bronchial Tonic™

    Did you know that Natura’s Lung & Bronchial Tonic™ can be added directly to hot water to make a soothing therapeutic tea?  While it is generally dosed straight by the teaspoon like most traditional herbal syrups, it can alternatively be utilized in this fashion to infuse hot water (or other hot teas) with its therapeutic benefits.  Simply add 1-2 teaspoons of Lung & Bronchial Tonic™ to a cup of hot water and stir until dissolved.

    Acute and Seasonal Ailments

    Sundew Flower Sundew Flower

    Lung & Bronchial Tonic™ is Natura’s primary formula for the relief of cough and congestion.  It works to relieve phlegm, soothe irritated throat and lung tissues, and relax and dilate bronchial passages, while providing an antimicrobial effect.
    * For acute symptom support: 2 teaspoons, 2-5 times daily.

    A True Tonic

    Lung & Bronchial Tonic™ features botanical extracts which nourish and strengthen lung and immune function, and is especially useful for conditions associated with general lung weakness.  It is intended to be taken at a lower dose for long periods of time when addressing chronic lung disturbances.
    * For chronic symptom support: 2 teaspoons, 1-2 times daily. 

    For comprehensive seasonal support, use in conjunction with Natura’s Throat and Gland and Flew Away formulas.

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