Cell Guardian™

Cellular Health/Antioxidant; Cell Life Regulation; Women's Health; Detoxification/Liver Support

  • activates detoxification pathways*
  • encourages healthy cellular behavior*
  • promotes hormonal balance*
  • supports healthy liver function*
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Cell Guardian 90 capsules

Cell Guardian

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Cell Guardian™ delivers a blend of scientifically advanced compounds to promote the removal of toxins by supporting the healthy activity of detoxification enzymes within the liver and throughout the body. It encourages cellular and hepatic detoxification and enhances the body’s ability to metabolize estrogens and create a healthy internal hormonal milieu. By improving detoxification, significantly raising glutathione, and creating water-soluble by-products from lipid-soluble substances, xenoestrogens (exogenous endocrine disruptors) are more readily eliminated from the body.*