Digest Mend®

Gastrointestinal/Digestive Support

  • promotes gastrointestinal health and function*
  • maintains healthy gastrointestinal tissue permeability*
  • encourages healthy gastric microbiome*
  • supports gastric and oral mucosal natural repair processes*

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Description Price Quantity
Digest Mend Powder 113 grams
California Only - Digest Mend Powder 113 grams

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Digest Mend

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Digest Mend® provides comprehensive support for digestive health and function. Soothing herbs such as Licorice and Aloe Vera encourage healthy inflammatory response in tissues and support the natural healing processes in the epithelial and mucosal lining. Glutamine and Zinc Carnosine promote the integrity of gastrointestinal tissues to support proper permeability of the lining of the gut. Chamomile and Lemon Balm provide nervous system support to harmonize the digestive processes. Many of the herbs and natural compounds in this formula help normalize the stomach microbiome.*

Suggestions for use: Mix in any beverage, including water, coconut water, any milk or hot tea. For ease with mixing, use a Blender Bottle® or shake in any container with a lid. 

How does it taste? Digest Mend® is naturally sweet with a mild licorice flavor and hints of citrus.