Important Message from Donnie Yance regarding Emerson Ecologics

Our distribution partnership with Emerson was terminated as of February 1, 2018. Emerson currently has our products in stock. However, once Natura products become out-of-stock on Emerson, they will no longer be available through this channel.

If you are currently using Emerson’s Wellevate/Fullscript program for your patients, please be aware that Natura has a Patient Direct Program that would allow your patients to purchase their products directly from us. For more information or to sign up click here.

Why we are choosing not to continue our relationship with Emerson:

In regard to working with Emerson… or any distribution company… I have found that there is increasing pressure to either compromise on the integrity of our formulas or raise our prices astronomically in order to afford the large cut taken by a middle-party. 

As far as I am concerned, both of those options are out of the question. 

And this is especially relevant for Natura because of:  (1.) Our unique commitment to sourcing and buying the highest quality ingredients for our very sophisticated formulas; (2.) Our use of large enough amounts of those ingredients to maximize the therapeutic benefits to your patients.    

Therefore, in order to maintain and stand behind the integrity and exceptional, un-compromising quality of the Natura line, I have decided that the only means open to us for distributing our products is to sell direct to professional practitioners.   

What our decision to sell direct means to you:

Same Price:  You can continue to direct your patients to one of the highest-quality, best-performing line of professional supplements on the market today at the same reasonable and competitive price they (and you) are accustomed to. 

One Easy Phone Call for Ordering and Product Support:  Call (541) 488-0210 or (888) 628-8720 for:

  • Personalized customer service
  • Appointments with our in-house Medical Educator for guidance on product usage and dosing, which is essential for understanding, appreciating, and implementing Natura formulas to help ensure positive and optimal patient outcomes
  • Access to our educational resources, product training opportunities, up-to-date research on the use of botanical and nutritional medicine – all with citations and references from major medical journals 
  • Online forums, blogs, tech sheets, whitepapers, and more  

I assure you that you can always trust Natura Health Products will continue to be a pioneer in the field with one goal in mind - to create the absolute best, uncompromising formulas for you and your patients at the most affordable price.Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to working with you in the future. 

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Donnie Yance
Founder, Formulator, President, Natura Health Products


The Natura Difference

“Natura is the only company I know of whose products are formulated by a clinical practitioner with over 30 years of clinical experience with thousands of patients from all over the world. Plus, Natura products are based not just on herbs and botanicals, but also on 3,000 years of proven herbal and nutritional medicine models from all over the world as well as contemporary clinical trials and relationships with leading national and international universities, research institutions, and hospitals. 

Sadly, in this fast-paced day and age, formulas that are simple and easy to understand are usually easier to sell; but Natura formulas are necessarily complex (and more therapeutic) because they contain botanicals and specific nutritional compounds that most people or companies aren’t even aware of or understand.

That’s because nutritional medicine is unique and very different from botanical medicine.  But … when combined properly, they complement and cross-pollinate beautifully.  Unfortunately, most people who are trained in one aren’t trained in the other … and MDs usually have little or no training at all in these fields.  That’s why it’s so important for us at Natura to be able to work with practitioners in order to acquaint them with the amazing potential of our products and proper dosing for optimal results.”  

~ Donnie Yance:  Founder, President, Formulator, Natura Professional Products

Practitioner Testimonial 

“When I first met Donnie in 1999, I was impressed with the depth and breadth of his knowledge of laboratory medicine, oncologic pathology, and molecular oncology, as well as his expertise in nutrition and botanical medicine.  Despite his lack of formal training in medicine, Donnie knows more about molecular oncology than any oncologist I know, with perhaps the exception of myself.”      

~ Dwight L. McKee, MD, CNS, ABIHM; diplomate of the American Boards of Medical Oncology and Hematology, board certified in nutrition and integrative medicine, and consultant to the San Diego Cancer Research Institute from 2002 – 2010.   

Natura's Origins by Founder/Formulator Donnie Yance

“I got into the business when I took a good look at a company selling a few capsules for $20 that only contained 8% of the promised product.  I immediately thought that this is $20 down the drain.  With such a small amount of effective ingredients, you can’t get anywhere near the therapeutic level you need.  Worse, people would have to spend hundreds of dollars on a huge amount of low potency capsules just to get the therapeutic levels needed to do the job.  That’s when I said to myself that I could easily make a better product and sell it for a better price.

Ultimately, the Natura line of products gave me the toolbox I needed to create and employ a methodology of care that has since led to a nonprofit foundation, a clinic, and an educational arm where I’ve been able to:

  • Lecture throughout the United States and around the world at major conferences and hospitals for both patients and healthcare practitioners
  • Work with leading universities and hospitals around the world
  • Conduct in-person clinical training programs for healthcare professionals that include online follow-up in the form of research updates, network forums, roundtable sessions, and email blogs
  • Train more than one-hundred practitioners, including oncologists, MDs, naturopaths, acupuncturists, herbalists, nurse practitioners, RNs, and chiropractors
  • Author essays, books, and dozens of articles that have appeared in major industry publications and national journals

Nature | Science | Synergy 

Nutritional medicine is unique and very different from botanical medicine - but when combined properly, the two complement and cross-pollinate beautifully. More specifically, here’s why combining science with nature is so important for optimal results:

  • Most synthetic supplemental substances lack the nutritive form necessary to be biologically active; hence they have a much lower rate of absorption and efficacy than food-grown nutrients.
  • Botanicals guide specific biochemical processes in the body to encourage optimal functioning of all organs and systems. Nutrients provide the body the raw materials it needs to support these processes.
  • A single herb or nutrient may lead to an improvement in symptoms, but the overall results often fall short of what could be achieved when one or more combination formulas are used.  Therefore:
  • Our more complex combination formulas offer demonstrably enhanced effectiveness especially for the variety of multifaceted issues clinicians are faced with today in their patients. 

“There is no other product that I am aware of (and I spend hours every day keeping abreast of the latest research, clinical trials, and the competition) that comes anywhere close to delivering the same amount or concentration or quality of effective therapeutic benefits that Natura does. You can count on Natura Health Products for a better product, better quality, better ingredients, better formulation, better results, better outcome.”  ~ Donnie Yance