Immucare I®

Immune/Seasonal Support; Adrenal/Stress Support

  • promotes healthy immune response* 
  • nourishes bone marrow and builds blood*
  • supports kidney, spleen, and lung processes*
  • encourages endocrine health*
Description Price Quantity
ImmuCare I Powder 100 grams
ImmuCare I 180 capsules

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Immucare I® is a concentrated immune system tonic designed to build, nourish and invigorate the blood while supporting healthy function of the immune, digestive and endocrine systems. By promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, the herbs in Immucare I® increase immune surveillance. Immucare I® helps the body adapt by regulating the responses of the adrenal cortex, thereby increasing the production and life-span of the white and red blood cells. It also regulates the release of immune-modulating interferons, interleukins, T-cells and immuno-globulins.*