Meet Our Staff

Natura Health Products is comprised of a talented group of individuals with an array of skills. Learn more about each person by rolling over their headshot and clicking to read their bio:

Jennifer Yance Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO and co-founder of Natura, Jennifer Yance brings a passionate and spirit-centered approach to the company. Her tireless devotion to supporting the mission of Donald Yance's organizations has led to steady growth and successful outcomes, from start-up to the present day. Jen's business acumen, effective leadership and deep commitment to healthy living contribute to her inspiring management approach.

Originally from upstate New York, Jen migrated west in her early 20s and has lived in Ashland for over sixteen years. She is the proud mother of two beautiful children, Stella and Coltrane. In her spare time, she enjoys being with her family, tending to her garden, photography, and exploring the beauty of southern Oregon.


Shawn Freedman Director of Project Management

In his thirteen years at Natura, Shawn Freedman has held many different roles. From packing boxes to managing the production and sales departments, he's pretty much done it all. Shawn is now the Product Development Manager and spends his days collecting research for the development of new and improved products, conducting product orientations, and writing technical literature.

In his free time, Shawn enjoys playing and performing music (he's a killer drummer and guitarist) and getting out in nature. An avid snorkeler, he's an ocean boy at heart. Little known fact: Shawn refuses to tuck in his shirts. Despite his rocker demeanor (he only wears dark earth tones), Shawn is a family man at heart who loves spending time with his wife and four boys.



Jason Miller, DACM, LAc  Medical Educator

Jason Miller is Natura’s esteemed Medical Educator. He is our product expert and a medical consultant to our practitioner community.

In May of 2018, Jason received his doctorate degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, California. He recieved his masters from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, Oregon.

Since 2005, Jason has worked closely with a group of distinguished colleagues including Donnie Yance CN, RH (AHG). His work with Donnie's Mederi Foundation consisted of consulting with patients and their doctors to develop integrative protocols and facilitating weekly round table discussions for a large group of practitioners. Jason served as the medical consultant and technical writer for Natura from 2006 to 2011 and has been a core faculty member for Mederi's clinical training program since 2008.

Jason and his wife Kara practice Traditional Chinese Medicine out of their clinic, Jade Mountain Medicine, in Ashland. Jason also lectures around the country on a diverse array of medical topics, and writes for several publications. His call to Southern Oregon was its natural beauty, and he has a great love for nature and wild places. We are excited to have Jason back with us at Natura!


Chris Thorsen Logistics Manager

Also known as the "Imperial Overlord of Distribution," Chris Thorsen ensures that all aspects of shipping and receiving are effective and cost efficient, handles all aspects of purchasing and vendor relations, and develops and oversees all inventory tracking and reporting.

Chris was born and raised in Damascus, Oregon, likes the feel of the ocean, pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain…

Chris loves running and REALLY doesn't like people touching his stuff (he's a serious germaphobe). He's constantly wiping down his desk with Lysol wipes and never lets anyone use his pen. Chris has a random collection of things in his workspace, including a nerf basketball and a statue of Bigfoot. In addition to his official duties, Chris holds the unofficial title of "head prankster" at Natura.

Andrea Luchese Marketing Manager

Andrea Luchese has worked at the Mederi Center and Natura since 2000. She has had many roles over the years and currently devotes most of her time to creating marketing materials and campaigns, and managing multiple marketing initiatives for Natura.

Andrea has a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters in Dance & Spirituality. She directs a hula dance school, Ka Pi'o O Ke Anuenue , and is known around town as "the hula lady." Born in Miami, Florida, Andrea requires a steady 75-degree temperature in the office at all times. If the thermostat has been adjusted any lower, you will find her huddled in her cubicle with a blanket. Besides her love for Hawai'i and warm climates, Andrea enjoys creative cuisine, inspiring conversation, travel, and spending time in the beauty of nature.


Ana Shrader Customer Service Account Manager

Ana Shrader is one of the voices behind Natura. If you call our office, Ana is likely to answer the phone. She spends her day assisting customers and working interdepartmentally to keep the customer service department running smoothly.

Originally from Toms River, NJ, Ana has a Bachelors degree in English and a Masters in Teaching. She moved to Washington State in her teens and was lucky to have a teacher who brought a group of students to Ashland to attend the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Ana fell in love with the area, applied to SOU, and has lived in Oregon ever since. Ana is a real karaoke queen (she can sing a mean "Don't Stop Believin'" at the top of her lungs) and enjoys reading, dancing and spending time with her husband and son. Oh, and her name is pronounced AH-NUH, not Anna or Wanda or Donna.



Gayle Vezie Bookkeeper

Gayle Vezie has been working for Jen and Donnie Yance since 2003. She takes pride in and truly enjoys the challenges of her day-to-day tasks including all aspects of accounts receivable and accounts payable for the Mederi Foundation, the Mederi Center, and Natura. Yep, she's a busy lady.

Gayle grew up in Southern California, traveled to Ashland for a weekend visit, fell in love with the area, went back home to California, packed up her VW with her belongings, and immediately returned to Ashland. 40 years later she's still proud to call Ashland her home. Gayle enjoys gardening; kayaking on Hyatt Lake; spending time with her friends and family; and seeing Kenny Loggins perform at the Britt Festival whenever she can.