Mushroom Synergy®

Organ/System Support; Immune/Seasonal Support; Cellular Health/Antioxidant; Cell Life Regulation; Adrenal/Stress Support; Detoxification/Liver Support; Longevity

  • Modulates healthy innate & adaptive immune response*

  • Enhances cellular defenses*

  • Promotes healthy cell behavior*

  • Encourages healthy hepatic, cardiovascular, neurological, and kidney function*

  • Potentiates restorative healing processes*

Mushroom Synergy® (formerly Immucare II®) is a newly improved formula featuring organic whole body Nammex® mushrooms. 

Description Price Quantity
Mushroom Synergy® 180 capsules

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Mushroom Synergy™ Base

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Mushroom Synergy's® advanced formulation promotes healthy immune and cellular response while encouraging healthy function of the hepatic, cardiovascular, neurological, and kidney systems. It features a proprietary blend of premier quality medicinal mushrooms whose benefits have been enhanced with select herbal extracts. Mushroom Synergy® is well-indicated for all phases of health as a protective, modulatory, and restorative tonic.*