Food-Grown Nutrients

At Natura, we create supplements to provide concentrated nutrition and dosages of nutrients that are unobtainable by diet alone. Our supplements are unique because we believe the best source of nutrition is always food-grown nutrients.  

Form Is Everything

Natural food is inherently complex. In whole foods, vitamins and minerals are accompanied by an assortment of macro and micro nutrients, enzymes, and other beneficial compounds that play essential roles in maintaining biological function. These include protein and peptide carriers (co-factors) that act as chaperones, delivering them where they are needed in the body. The complex form of whole food nutrients is what enables the body to recognize, assimilate, and utilize them.

Most Supplemental Vitamins and Minerals Lack Nutritive Form

Plants play a critical role in changing inorganic material in the soil into compounds that have the ability to support human health. Unfortunately, the majority of United States Pharmacopeia (USP) vitamins and minerals are isolates that don’t exist in nature. These synthetic supplemental substances lack the nutritive form necessary to be biologically active; hence they have a much lower rate of absorption and efficacy than food-grown nutrients.

Naturized® Food-Grown Nutrients

Naturized® nutrients are unique because they are a part of a genuine whole food matrix. These nutrients possess the same synergistic co-factors and crucial protein chaperones inherent in whole foods, thus maximizing absorption and utilization by the body. The end result is an effective source of nutrition that provides real results and optimal benefits to your health.

Natura products that contain Naturized® Food-Grown Nutrients:
Cell Guardian™
IG Sensitizer®
Iron Synergy®
Quercetin Plus
Vitamin D-A-K