Vitamin D-A-K

Immune/Seasonal Support; Cellular Health/Antioxidant; Vitamins/Minerals/Amino Acids/Proteins; Foundational Wellness; Longevity; Musculoskeletal Support

  • supports healthy bone mineralization and density* 
  • promotes healthy immune response* 
  • enhances cellular function* 
  • provides antioxidant activity*
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60 capsules

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Vitamin D-A-K

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Vitamin D-A-K is a synergistic blend of highly bioavailable, food-based forms of vitamins D, A and K. Vitamin D, vitamin K and the carotenoid complex are known for their beneficial pleiotropic influence especially in relation to healthy immune response, cell-cycle functions, and skeletal health. These vitamins also promote a healthy inflammatory response and provide antioxidant activity. Vitamins D and K are found to work synergistically to enhance skeletal health. Regular intake of the carotenoid complex and maintaining optimal serum vitamin D levels correlates with multiple health-protective influences.*