Adaptogens: Foundational Support

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To live long and healthfully, we must strengthen our body’s capacity to withstand stress. A balanced lifestyle is fundamental, but to mitigate the demands of modern life, most of us need more help. That help is available through a unique class of botanical medicines called “adaptogens,” which help us adapt to any kind of stress in life. They do this by normalizing or regulating the adrenal stress response.  

Adaptogens have been used in Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines for centuries to promote a sense of well-being. These herbal medicines help to restore health, vitality, immunity, stamina, and promote longevity. By providing a sustained sense of calm and optimizing energy without being stimulating, adaptogens help your body to cope more effectively with the demands of everyday life through their profound effects on stress adaptation.

Why Stress Is Harmful

Because stress has always been an inescapable fact of life, our bodies evolved with built-in responses to help us survive. When we’re confronted with a threatening situation, blood pressure and heart rate increase, glucose is dumped into the blood stream, and non-essential systems such as immune function and digestion are suppressed. When the crisis subsides, all systems are designed to return to normal.

The problem is that our bodies don’t distinguish between a life-endangering situation and the annoying but not life-threatening stressors of traffic, work deadlines, and financial difficulties. When stress is chronic or severe, we lose our ability to bounce back, which negatively affects health and quality of life.

Ancient Herbs For Modern Times

Plants don’t have the ability to avoid stressors in their environment. They can’t move to escape a hard frost, an invasion by pests, or a fungal attack. Instead evolution has afforded them the ability to produce protective chemical compounds called secondary metabolites. These compounds help them successfully adapt to their changing environment by fortifying their natural stress resistance.

Herbs such as ginseng, ashwagandha, and schizandra have been valued since ancient times as longevity tonics. Today, we refer to these herbs as adaptogens. Research has shown us that the same compounds that help these unique plants thrive in their environment also help the human body adapt to the stresses of life. Adaptogenic herbs have the ability to optimize stress resistance, increase energy and vitality, and enhance the body’s natural ability to maintain equilibrium.

Adaptogens Support A Healthy Stress Response

Since it’s impossible to avoid life stressors, it’s important to do everything possible to alleviate the effects of runaway physiological responses. Whether you’re looking to maintain or promote optimal health, adaptogens provide essential support.

Herbal adaptogens buffer the effects of stress by restoring homeostasis (balance), optimizing metabolism, and encouraging healthy immune response. All of these actions help to reestablish physiological balance, and allow health and vitality to flourish. Adaptogens are non-toxic, even with long-term use. These herbs are safe and gentle and provide foundational support for any health-promoting supplementation protocol.  

Natura's primary adaptogenic formulas include:
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